The New Guild Charter


. Considering that the New Guild has considerably expanded its activities since its creation;

. Considering that at the present moment there are being considered changes to the development of the CDS territory, and that these changes will require that the NG both exerts a consulting/certification role, and also a contractor role;

. Considering that those two functions can be attributed to both bodies of the NG (Faculty and Board), if there is a clearer distinction between the two, and the implementation of checks and balances between the two;

. Considering that the amount and diversity of work involved demand a more structured organization than the current one, including the separation of tasks and the creation of new functions and corresponding departments inside the Guild;

We therefore propose the following wording for the New Guild Charter, to be approved at three levels:

1. Faculty level

2. Board level

3. RA level, upon which this Charter shall replace the old one and be made effective immediate



1.The New Guild (NG) is a public-chartered, non-profit, non-partisan, Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that is open to all citizens of the CDS.


1.To organize, plan, and execute the construction of new high-quality content including the development of territory and sims, build sim infrastructure and public buildings. To execute work contracted by the CDS to its specifications consistent with the legislation, master plan, and other regulations of the CDS.To also cooperate in projects with other entities.
2.To provide continuing hands-on education in the creation of content, as well in related areas. This education shall be free to all citizens, and may be made available to non-citizens willing to pay tuition.
3.To provide certification in content-creation skills to the CDS Citizens.
4.To provide technical advice and services to the office of the Chancellor and the RA as needed to plan, maintain and develop the CDS regions.
5.To acquire and manage resources needed by New Guild volunteers for building and design such as sandbox areas and prim banks. To set rules for the use of these resources.


1. The New Guild is governed by two committees: Faculty and Board

2. The Faculty

1.The Faculty is a self-appointed meritocratic body, whose members have shown competence in the development of content and/or providing education.
2.The Faculty is divided in three departments:
* Education Department will design the curriculum for continuing education, and organize a regular cycle of classes/seminars/workshops.
* Certification Department will analyse the artistic and technical skills shown by citizens in their creations and attribute a certification mark.
* Building Approval Committee (BAC) will be a consulting body that will help the Chancellor to pre-approve plans for the private development of sims, as well pre-approve private buildings according to covenants, and help survey the quality of contracted content. The BAC must not be less than two members, and always be an even number. Non-citizen Faculty members cannot belong to the BAC.
3.All three departments will decide and publish their internal procedures.
4.Heads of departments are nominated by the Faculty Chair, with the approval of a simple majority of the Faculty.
5.Heads of department will earn a token monthly salary, when the NG has the financial conditions for that. That token sum shall be part of the Budget and be voted at Board.
6.Members of the Faculty must demonstrate excellence in creation of content and/or the ability and willingness to mentor others who want to develop their skills. Membership is not limited to citizens of the CDS.
7.Membership is done by invitation, the candidates being approved by simple majority of the Faculty in session. Individuals may apply to join the faculty with two faculty sponsors, then being approved by simple majority as stated above.
8.The Faculty will define and publish a process of selection and standards for candidates.
9.The Secretary of the Board is a member of Faculty, but holds no vote. The Secretary of the Board can nevertheless call a meeting of Faculty.
10.The Faculty is lead by the Chair, who serves for 6 months. The Chair is responsible for calling the Faculty meetings, set the agenda, and ask for reports from the departments.
11.Elections must be called with sufficient time for candidates to run for the role of Chair. The Faculty is free to change the date of the election of the Chair.
12.Faculty members are expected to fulfill 10 service hours per each three months, which may be spent in work at any department.
13.Members of Faculty serve for life, unless they resign. They may be removed from office if:
* fail to provide the 10 hours of work per quarter at any department;
* by a 2/3 majority of the Faculty Meeting
14. The Chair of the Faculty can be repelled by a 4/5 majority vote of the Faculty.
15. The following citizens can be members of Faculty, but hold no vote:
* The Secretary of the Board of the New Guild
* The Chancellor of the CDS

3.The Board

1.The Board is the General Assembly of the New Guild.
2.The Board is a loose body which organizes itself in work groups for the contracting of specific projects by the CDS, or for the execution of NG specific projects.
3.The Board of the NG will decide and publish its meeting procedures.
4.The several Work Groups for the NG projects will decide and publish their internal procedures.
5.No citizen can be excluded from the NG, though several roles have conflicts of interest with the Role of Secretary of the Board (see below).
6.All citizen members of the Faculty also belong to the Board.
7.Any citizen can propose a project in the NG scope to the Board of the NG.
1.The Board will not consider any proposal that concerns any issue not directly related to land use, building, or content development, nor will it make any collective statement on issues under consideration by the RA or other branches of the CDS government.
8.Active Guild members (those participating in the departments and in the work groups) have access and are listed in the NG management tool
9.The Board decides by ad-hoc democracy (all citizens present at a Board meeting can vote)
10.The Board has two standing departments:
* Financial Department – manages NG assets and capital, such as tuition fees, contract fees, resources, land, buildings, etc. Plans and executes a term budget. Also pays Guild volunteers their fees in Board projects.
* Administrative/Agent Department – keeps records of all NG decisions, plus negotiates NG Board contracts with the CDS, negotiates fees with volunteers and liaisons the IP release and content archive processes.
11.Both departments will decide and publish their internal procedures.
12.Heads of department will earn a token monthly salary, when the NG has the financial conditions for that. That token sum shall be part of the Budget and be voted at Board.
13.The New Guild Budget must be approved by simple majority by the Board at beginning of each term of office.
14.Officers of both departments are nominated by the Secretary of the Board, with the approval of a simple majority of the Board.
15.An officer can be removed from a Board department with a vote of 2/3 of the Board, the Secretary of Board holding a veto.
16.The Board is chaired by the Secretary of the Board, who serves for 6 months, and whose election must not be delayed for more than 15 days after a CDS general election. Both the Chair of Faculty and the Secretary of the Board in exercise can call the election, with due time for candidates to run to the role.
17.The Secretary of the Board is responsible for organizing the board meetings and keeping due order in them, organize agendas, organize and call work groups and ask reports for all NG Projects, and also ask reports from the two Board Departments.
18.The Secretary of the Board is the spokesperson of the NG for all general matters, being free to call any member of the Board or Faculty for specific information.
19.The Secretary of the Board can be repelled by a 4/5 majority vote of the Board
20.The Faculty may veto a Board vote to remove the Secretary of the Board with 2/3 vote of the Faculty
21.The Board decides and publishes its own internal procedures.
22.The following citizens can not be Secretary of the Board:
* The Chair of the NG Faculty
* The Chancellor of the CDS, and all members of the Executive Branch
* The Members of the RA
* .The Chairs of the SC.

This Guild Charter was approved by the RA of the 7th June 2008

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