Board Meeting Proc.

Guild Board meetings:

– Guild Board meetings will only happen with 3 members present at least – Faculty and/or Board. When a meeting empties to less than 3 members, meeting is automatically adjourned.
– Guild Board meetings have an appointed hour to start. After 30 minutes, if less than 3 members present, meeting is automatically adjourned.

Chairing of the Board meeting:

– Board meetings are chaired by the Secretary of the Board.
– In the impossibility of the Secretary chairing, Faculty Chair will chair instead.
– If both can’t chair, meeting won’t happen and is automatically adjourned to next week. In this case, and unless by a major cause, an announcement must be made in the CDS channel with at least 3 hour notice.

Duration of the Board meeting and discussions:

– Sec of the Board and Fac Chair can determine the duration of the Board meeting, and can also allot time for discussion of the points in agenda.

Agenda of Board Meetings

– Any Guild member can propose items for agenda for Board Meeting by posting a request for discussion in the Guild forum. Agenda points will be lined in as they appear, though Sec or Chair can change the order of agenda to help organise discussion, with approval of the majority of present.

Votes in Board Meetings

– For a vote, at least 5 guild members must be present, Faculty and/or Board.
– Sec and Chair can propose any point for vot.
– Guild members must propose a motion for vote. If seconded, then a vote will necessarily proceed.
– When a vote is required, Sec or Chair can request an Assistant to help recording the motions and votes.
– In meetings where a vote takes place, a summary of the motions and vote counts must be published in the forums beside the usual Meeting transcript.

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